GCV Asset Management

The social and environmental objectives at the heart of Energise Barnsley ultimately rely on the generation of renewable electricity from our portfolio of solar PV assets.

Managing the performance of this portfolio underpins our ability to create & sustain social impact.  Effective asset management is essential for the project to deliver its full value over 25 years – resulting in the creation of a community fund to help alleviate fuel poverty, address education inequality and support vulnerable persons in the local area.

Our asset manager, Generation Community Ventures (GCV), helped develop the Energise Barnsley project from inception through to close.


Generation Community Ventures

GCV monitors the weekly performance of each system against carefully selected statistical benchmarks, and also against month by month forecasts.  Year-to-date performance is then tracked on a portfolio level as it evolves across the year.  This provides a view on whether monthly variation is converging toward annual targets.

The asset management system helps ensure good governance by streamlining interaction between key project stakeholders:

  • It feeds directly into an active O&M programme which flags and tracks any issues as they are detected. Full logs of remedial action are compiled.
  • The system also monitors accrued revenue and automatically reconciles with quarterly cash receipts from the FIT licensee.
  • Finally the system generates reports (both financial & underlying performance) for Barnsley MBC, for bondholders and for submission as part of company year end accounts.

Headline Figures

Since the first installations were completed, the Energise Barnsley project has:
–   Generated over 3.45 GWhs of electricity
–   Saved tenants over £209k in electricity bills*
–   Offset over 1,830 tonnes of CO2 production**

Figures updated 29 November 2018
 assumes (1) tenants on average have a unit rate of 13 pence/kWh, (2) that residential tenants consume 33% of generation, and (3) that commercial tenants consume 75% of generation
** Assumes a CO2 emission factor of 0.53kg per kWh (Source: DEFRA, http://www.carbonindependent.org/sources_home_energy.html)

Included below are two high-level summaries of performance across Commercial and Residential rooftops respectively.

Monthly Performance of Commercial Systems (Oct16 – Oct17)

Monthly Performance of Residential Systems (Jan16 – Oct17)