Results & Outcomes

GCV’s asset management solution has a track record improving performance and revenue across a number of portfolios.

Listed below are some of the best results from distributed UK wide portfolios.

Underlying Performance

  • Overall lift in YTD performance of 8.7% relative to previous year
  • Lift in Q2 performance of 11.9% relative to previous year
  • Identified under-performance on 28 systems
  • Repositioned array on 1 site for optimised sunlight exposure
    Recovering 610 kWhs per annum (22% increase)
  • Brought 106 systems back online – recovering around 258,800 kWHs per annum
  • YTD PR raised from 96.18% (in 2017) to 103.28% (2018)


Revenue Lift

  • Overall lift in YTD revenue of 12.9% vs previous year
    (+7.4% relative to financial model)
  • Lift in Q2 revenue of 16.39% vs previous year
    (+13.29% relative to financial model)