Battery Storage

Battery Storage Technology draws energy from power sources, such as Solar PV, and stores it for future use.

Battery storage can enable homes to:

  • Store unused energy when it is more readily available (for example, from solar panels during sunshine) or more affordable (such as at off-peak times from the national grid).
  • Access energy when needed, at times of increased pressure on the system (For example, during energy shortages).

Battery storage devices, when utilised correctly, can help residents save money, feel more stability within their energy supply, and have more flexibility in their lifestyles/days.

Energise Barnsley undertook three individual battery storage projects between 2015 and 2023, aiming to increase social housing residents’ access to the benefits of renewable technology. 

Barriers to the adoption of renewable technology in social housing include: 

  • Requirements for permissions from social housing providers for the installation of the technology, which can vary from area to area
  • Condition of the homes
  • Cost of installation.

Energise Barnsley’s mission is to enable a just transition towards renewable energy. We aim to increase access to renewable technology for those to whom procurement is usually unaffordable or difficult to manage.

Our battery storage projects tested how to: 

  • Achieve energy and cost-saving benefits for domestic use of battery storage technology
  • Optimise use of the technology to maximise these benefits
  • Communicate the benefits of this technology, as well as the utilisation of this technology, to households.


Homes involved across Barnsley


Battery storage systems installed


Financial savings per household, per year

4 trees grown for 10 years

The equivalent CO2 savings per household (Per year?)

Find out more about our Battery Storage Projects

Smart Solar

Our latest Battery Storage Project, with impressive results.

Project Breathe

Our second Battery Storage project was part of our Demand Side Response work, “Project Breathe”. This link will take you to the Project Breathe website.

Project Windy

Our first Battery Storage project in Oxsprings, Barnsley, 2017 – 2019. Click this link to read the project report by Northern Powergrid.