AM for Local Authorities

The performance of the EB solar portfolio is underpinned by GCV asset management.

GCV specialise in managing Solar PV portfolios on behalf of local authorities, housing associations and community benefit societies.  In these contexts, performance underpins the ability to create & sustain social impact and – for this reason – effective asset management is essential for projects to deliver full value over time.

In the case of local authorities, housing associations and CBS vehicles, ROI often facilitates the creation of secondary community funds to help alleviate fuel poverty, address education inequality and other local issues.

Generation Community Ventures
–  End to End Asset Management

‘Performance’ & ‘Governance’ are twin concerns in portfolio management
These are best served by an end-to-end solution that spans monitoring and O&M, while also taking care of stakeholder management, financial reporting, MI and year-end accounts.

GCV provide these functions in a joined up approach that has helped ensure the success of Energise Barnsley projects.

GCV monitors the weekly performance of each system against carefully selected statistical benchmarks, and also against month by month weather-adjusted forecasts. Year-to-date performance is then tracked on a portfolio level as it evolves across the year. This provides a view on whether monthly variation is converging toward annual targets.

Each quarter GCV issue reports on underlying generation and associated revenue levels, with relevant commentary and year-on-year comparisons.  Management Information is distributed to funders and relevant stakeholders along with recommendations for future action.