Staffordshire Sunny Schools Project

Watch our video that explains the benefits for schools and investors

Gen Community are delighted to be funding a portfolio of solar PV systems on 18 schools across Staffordshire through a total capital raise of £600,000. The principal aim of the project is to significantly reduce the schools’ energy bills, through the provision of free electricity when the solar PV systems are generating. The second aim is a wider educational benefit to fit in with the school curriculum.  Furthermore, a community fund will be generated from the surplus revenues which will be used to further support fuel poor pupils attending the schools, local charities and community groups.

Gen Community has partnered with Southern Staffordshire Community Energy, a local community benefit society to deliver the community fund and catalyse further community support initiatives in the area.

Impact Summary

  • 10,000 school children will immediately benefit from the project
  • Combined schools electricity savings projected at over £50,000 per annum
  • A community impact fund, projected at over £200,000
  • Circa.6000 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be offset

Investment Summary

  • RPI linked return
  • Approved for Enterprise Investment Scheme
  • Projected 100% share buyback over lifetime
  • IRR 6.91% (non EIS)
  • IRR 10.48% (with EIS relief)

Pure Leapfrog

The project was supported by loan investment from Pureleapfrog