Can you explain a little more about the involvement of Ignite?

  • Ignite provided loan capital of £2m to help the Energise Barnsley scheme fund the first phase of the project. This will be repaid through the solar bond offer and feed in tariff payments.
  • Without this capital the project would not have proceeded, due to the time constraints caused by the changing energy policy.
  • Ignite is the UK’s first impact investment fund with a focus on energy.
  • Ignite invests people and money into emerging and mature organisations that have a clear vision of how they benefit society. By focussing on energy, Ignite is driving innovation at every point of the energy chain – from sourcing and generation through to supply, service and saving energy. And by investing in social enterprises Ignite is making a positive impact on employment, income, housing and local communities.
  • With backing from Centrica, Ignite is providing funding of £10 million to a number of projects over the next ten years, and will make investments of between £50k and £2m