Energise Barnsley in the press

Solar scheme’s bright future for investors

Barnsley Chronicle, 10th June 2016

Barnsley people are being invited to invest their savings in a £2.6m council-backed solar panel scheme which offers a bank-busting interest rate of five per cent.

Residents offered opportunity to be part of Energise Barnsley

Barnsley Gazette, 17th June 2016

Barnsley residents can be part of an exciting new opportunity to invest in a five-year solar bond through the borough’s Energise Barnsley scheme.

Mutual offers 5pc five-year solar power ‘mini-bonds’

Sunday Telegraph , 7th June 2016

“Investors are being offered a 5pc annual return if they back a mutually owned solar power scheme via a ‘mini-bond’ “

British Gas-backed community energy project launches solar bond offer

Business Green, 7th June 2016

“A community energy project backed by British Gas has issued a solar bond offer in a bid to raise £1.2m to install up to 2MW of rooftop solar across the Yorkshire town’s council-owned buildings.”

Five-year solar bond launched by Energise Barnsley offers 5% return

bt.com, 7th June 2016

“In connection with British Gas Solar and Barnsley Council, Energise Barnsley will launch a five-year solar retail bond which will pay out 5%.