Community funding

Energise Barnsley is dedicated to fuel poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability and supporting vulnerable people living in the region.

In addition to providing tenants with free access to solar-PV and mutual ownership of the solar assets on schools and other council buildings, Energise Barnsley will dedicate all surplus profits from the generation of renewable electricity to a Community Fund.

The Fund will be used to further the aims of Energise Barnsley (see below) and will provide an opportunity for members to have a shared and vested interest in improving the lives of individuals living in their community. Energise Barnsley will aim to maximise the impact that can be generated and seek to engage with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council and local organisations, where possible, to increase the scope of impact.

For 2016 the members have voted at the AGM to make awards to Goldthorpe Devleopment Group, AGE UK Barnsley, Wombwell Primary School and St Aidan Community Hall. The projects funded include paying for skips to prevent fly tipping and remove unwanted waste in neighbourhoods, and funding a street bed planting team to continue their good work in bringing a sense of pride back to neglected streets. Energise Barnsley board members will also be committing time and resource to an ambitious project in Goldthorpe, aimed at rejuvenating an area of waste ground next to the railway embankment, for public good. Energise Barnsley is also funding Age UK Barnsley to run energy advice clinics for the over 60’s throughout 2017, and purchasing playground equipment for one of the schools who have received solar PV. Finally, the last group to receive a grant is a community hall, where we are looking to deploy solar PV and LED lights.

The Community Fund 2017/18 is now open for applications – please see EB Community Fund 2017:18

What are the aims of the Society?

Energise Barnsley aims:

  1. To deploy low carbon technologies to provide social impacts for the benefit of the community;
  2. To support Barnsley council, the local community and voluntary organisations generate and supply renewable sources of energy and promote energy efficiency;
  3. To support members of the community suffering from fuel poverty by ensuring people’s needs for affordable warmth and other energy services are met; and
  4. To support vulnerable members of the community such as those suffering from education inequality, unemployment, and child poverty to ensure people’s needs for a healthy and stimulating life are met.

Who can apply?

Individuals and organisations from the Barnsley area can apply. Proposals must meet all of the following criteria in order to be eligible for consideration:

  • The proposal aligns with at least one of the aims of the Society
  • The amount of the funding requested is at least £100.
  • The funds are being used for the benefit of the local community to meet a demonstrable local need.
  • There is a defined impact from the use of the funds.
  • Projects will be delivered within the Barnsley region for the benefit of its residents.

How to apply?

For interested applicants please submit your interest in receiving funding and we will be in contact with a short application form.