Battery Project FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the research project partners?

Northern Powergrid, Moixa and Energise Barnsley are collaborating for this two-year project. Element Energy has been contracted as the academic research partner for the project. Berneslai Homes are the installation partner for the batteries. The residents of The Willows who are receiving the batteries, are tenants of Berneslai Homes.


Why is the project called project Windy?

Even though this is a battery storage project, and not a wind turbine project, we know that residents always say it is windy in The Willows, so it made sense to call it ‘Project Windy.’

Why has this project been funded & by whom?

Northern Powergrid, the company that owns the distribution network in the area, has funded the project which aims to look at whether battery storage technology, with and without solar PV at household level, will mitigate the need for network reinforcement caused by clusters of low carbon technologies, like Solar PV. The chosen houses are all powered from the same substation. Retirees in bungalows dominate the project demographics, who will benefit from reduced electricity bills!

Why are Energise Barnsley involved?

Energise Barnsley was set up to scale community energy, delivering projects with a social enterprise business model. Solar PV has been deployed on 321 tenanted houses to help those tenants alleviate fuel poverty.  The battery storage project will give real evidence of increased electricity bill savings for the tenants, and provide evidence of whether a solar PV and battery storage project can be financed and deployed at scale, with no cost to the tenants.

What is the timeframe for project Windy?

We aim to complete installs by the end of March 2017. The project will run for two years, although the batteries last for 10-15 years. Monitoring of the systems will be two years from install.

As a participant in the project, will I be able to see my battery usage?

Yes, there is an online ‘dashboard’ at Moixa which monitors the battery usage. This can only be viewed by the tenants with log in details provided at the time of installation.  You can always call the Moixa helpline, on 0207 734 1511, to set this up at a later date.

Does the installation affect the electricity supplier of the tenants?

Project Windy does not affect the electricity supplier. Tenants can change supplier to get a better deal during the project.  A ‘Time of Use (ToU) Tariff’ would benefit tenants with the batteries if the tariff suited their times of energy usage in the house.

Why has my home been selected for this project?

We have undertaken a series of assessments to determine which households could take part in the project. Your home has been chosen because you live in The Willows and the wiring in your home is suitable for the Moixa Smart Battery.

What ongoing time commitment will be required?

We would like to hear your feedback throughout the project and we’ll be looking for people who might be willing to speak about the benefits of the technology. You will not have to answer questions or attend feedback events if you don’t want to, but it will help our research if you do.

What is the Northern Powergrid Priority Service Register (PSR)

The PSR is for customers who feel that they are particularly vulnerable and would benefit from receiving additional support during a power cut. It includes people who rely upon medical equipment such as a Home Kidney Dialysis Machine or Oxygen Concentrators, people recovering from a serious operation or illness who may have mobility issues, people with hearing or sight impairments and people who generally need additional advice and support by virtue of being elderly, having young children or those experiencing fuel poverty who may find a power cut more difficult to deal with. It is free to register and you can do that online by visiting or by calling 0800 169 2996. Berneslai Homes can also provide advice and assistance.

Will the data results from the project be freely available?

Yes, all the data sets from the project will be published shortly after the end of the project. The learning points from the project, from all three points of view, Northern Powergrid as DNO, Moixa Technologies as battery supplier and manager of the cloud based software platform, and Energise Barnsley, as the community energy group acting on behalf of the tenants, will be freely available. All the data will be secured, and no published data will identify any individual addresses.